Virus Cancellations

This last Monday, 3-16, I put out a notice on Facebook, and email, a Covey Rise notice,and am just now, sorry, posting here, that we have cancelled the club meeting on the 24th as well as the field trial on the 28th.

At the trial on the 14th, before the pandemic news had really gotten ramped up, we had to take a break due to lightning in the area. While most of us were standing around in the club house having coffee and donuts and being amazed at Gene Gray’s Joe finding birds in this weather, I looked around and had a bad feeling. Close quarters, at risk people, questionable personal hygiene actions, ( everybody was cold and wet, blowing noses, wiping faces and with only hand sanitizer for clean up). We had more than a few older people, with many of the risky conditions,( heart problems, high blood pressure, diabetes), being pretty common. Worried about it all night long but decided safety should take precedence over sports and put out the notice on Sunday.

We will get through this and we will put out our plan for the fall, as soon as the dust clears. On the up side, the early spring rains just might produce a bumper crop of Quail this fall, share that news with your hunting partner, might help get em over the disappointment.


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