Trial Results 3-14-20

Resean Hardman and Sassy 1st Place Gun Dog
James Parnell and Coco 2nd Place Gun Dog
Gene Gray and Joe 3rd Place Gun Dog

We got our trial run on Saturday; I think we were the only sport that was competing though. 8 am came and everyone was ready and it wasn’t raining which was a surprise. That lasted about 10 minutes and the sky opened up with Gene Gray and his pointer Joe in the field finding birds. Its cold, the rain is coming down pretty hard, and our feet are splashing in standing water and ole Joe is just going about his business finding birds, the amazing abilities of our hunting partners. They posted four fulls to for a 172 after a lightning delay of about 30 minutes. After we all got back in the field didn’t feel another drop the rest of the day.

But the field was wet, which must have made the scenting conditions really good, because, if you check the scoreboard posted on the web site, most of the braces cleaned the field of birds planted. But good teams will prevail and Rusean Hardman and James Parnell both have good dogs and work hard. They ran head to head in three different braces, couldn’t draw that again if you tried, and I think had a lot of fun. Hardman and his little setter Sassy got four fulls and a back in the 6th brace taking 1st   from Gene with a 187, the back being the difference, which is usually the case. Never say die Parnell and his GSP Coco, the winner of the last trial, got four finds in the 10th with a back, but missed out on a retrieve, I’ll let him share the why’s with you personally, and posted a 167. Hardman rode with the judge and watched that brace and it was fun to see the, take that, head bobs, while still rooting for each other. Derek Doak and his young GSP Bella, in only her second time on the open field, had a memorable four finds but stumbled with two partial retrieves. In Derek’s book she had six finds and probably the win, but Bella pointed one while about 10 yards out of bounds and flushed another when a another dog came in to back, not a unusual reaction for a young dog.  When time was called it had Derek shaking his head with what might have been.

A new member, Tommy Lee, in his first time at the field took 1st in the Puppy trial with pointer Simba getting four finds and a 149, while Tom Alexander and his new setter pup Sue came in second with a 94.

Ellison Gilliland was able to get back out with us and kept his usual steady hand on the Judging helm, while mentoring Bob Dorn in the Open Field. Puppies were judged by some very able volunteers, lead by James Parnell, after Kelly Sample had to back out due to health problems. Lunch was provided by Bob Williams, and I understand there were very few Sloppy Joe leftovers, and we thank him for all the work while giving him a congrats for Mike, his Red Setter, having a fine run with another new guy , Tyler Ford doing the gunning for him.

A big thank you to Purina for sponsoring our club and the great Pro Plan Sport dog food we give as prizes, and as always, the Oler family, for allowing us the use of their property which we treat as ours.