Trial Results 10-16-21

Rusean Hardman and Chief

Scoreboard 10-16-21

The Highlights from the second field trial of the fall.

Just as the paper said it was pleasant and sunny. 40 degrees at 8 am following a beautiful sunrise. The day started off with a bang as Bob Dorn & Bella, 3 finds, and Tommy Lee & Rudy, 4 finds, moved more birds,8, than were planted, which was 6, as Doug Cross who planted most of the day, raised his right hand and swore too. Wait What? Some members confessed to working their dogs on some birds on the equally beautiful Friday and may have, maybe, not found them all. Ha.

No heat problems this Saturday, and if they got a little warm, a quick dive into a nicely chilled water barrel and they were raring to go again. The scoring was pretty even for the day with three finds being the usual sticking point. In fact 4th, Tom Alexander and Trouper had a 129, as did 5th, Bob Williams and his red setter Mike, and 6th also a 129 by Rusean Hardman and Duece. The time difference to the first bird being the deciding factor, 2:29, 4:13, and 5:30. That’s close. Tommy Lee worked well with Rudy and scored 4 fulls in that bang up first brace for a 172 and 2nd place. Then at the end of the day, when in fact it was the warmest, Rusean Hardman and the old pro Chief took advantage of a field full of birds in the last brace and scored 5 fulls, 215, with time to spare. Congrats to all it was a fun day.

You notice Tom Alexander was back on the field, yup now with two good knees he might be hard to keep up with. We had some excitement in the parking lot, a handler who was in the blind getting ready to run ,had one of his other dogs on a chain gang and it got tangled up in the chain traping it’s right front paw. Ben Faulkner was going to help but that Brittany was having none of that and bit up his hand pretty good. Those Brittanys are fast. A lot of helping hands got the bleeding stopped and him patched up good enough for Ben to run his Dottie in the next brace with a shooter, before heading off to urgent care for some professional patching. Ben reported he didn’t need any stitches, just a tetanus shot and some antibiotics and maybe a good week to heal. Ben also shared advise from a Vet/Tech that when working with a dog that may be injured, any dog really even your own, it is wise to cover the dogs head with a towel or blanket. Sound advise, now if we could just remember that before sticking our hands in. Ha.

Busy day, 11 gun dog braces, 7 puppies, and 5 fun hunts. Three of the fun hunt guys got together helping each other plant birds, drive the truck, and work the dogs and reported having a grand ole time out in the back 40. Larry Naas directed and judged the puppy field and was pretty much done by lunch. Doug Cross planted and hid birds like a professional and James Parnell was nice enough to make the lunch run to Harp’s. Thanks to everyone who pitched in, as it is a volunteer organization, nobody gets paid, so if you are sitting around all day just BS ing waiting to run your dog and then go back to the house, you should feel guilty.

Thank you as always to the Older family, for allowing us to use this beautiful little piece of prairie, Rolston Purina for our Pro Plan dog food prizes, and Carl Brown for judging by the rules, which he has a copy of on his quad, to silence and discussion.

It was a great day and hope to see you for the 3rd and final trial before quail season on the 30th.