October 8, 2016 Gun Dog, Puppy and Fun Hunt Brace Pairings

Gun Dog Trial Brace Pairings
Judge: Ellison Gilliland Judge: Tom Krause
Field Marshall: Haley Cavney
First brace starts at 8 A.M.

BraceDog’s Name Breed Sex Owner\Handler
1ShelleyBrittanyFBen Faulkner
1HunterBrittanyMKelly Sample
2ScoutWPGMStephen Pingry
2PtarmiganWPGMJahan Abdoveis
3ShoniBrittanyFBen Faulkner
3KatyPointerFStan Keller
4TaraGSPFKeith Lindsay
4SaraWPGFBob Dorn
5SuePointerFDean Leonard
6BuddyBrittanyMBill Yuan
6BullittBrittanyMDoug Hardesty
7SassySetterFRuSean Hardman
7TipPointerMLarry Moore
8HannahGSPFDoug Hardesty
8BossBrittanyFRonnie Pike
9SonjaGSPFKeith Lindsay
9OutlawViszlaMTyler Cavney
10WillieBrittanyMMick Gill
10Candy ManGSPMTom Alexander
11MachBrittanyMMick Gill
11HossPointerMLarry Moore
12ChiefBrittanyMBill Yuan
12GunnyGSPMDoug Hardesty

Puppy Category
Puppy Judge: TBA
First Brace Starts at 8:30 a.m.

BraceDog’s NameBreed Sex Owner\Handler
1DaisyGSPFBryan Spriggs
2SophieBrittanyFMick Gill
3EmmaBrittanyFMick Gill
4ChiefE. SetterMRuSean Hardman

Fun Hunt
First Brace Starts at 8:30 a.m.

BraceDog’s NameBreed Sex Owner\Handler
1TBATBAMDanny Herndon
2TBATBDAFCarl Browns


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