October 5, 2013 Gun Dog Trial Braces

The Tulsa Bird Dog Association is proud to kick off its fall Gun Dog Trials tomorrow at the trial grounds in Inola. Braces are listed below. Bring your rubber boots and chaps, the field may be wet!

October 5, 2013 Braces
8:00 A.M. Start Time, Lunch will be served!

Open Gun Dog Category

BraceDog’s Name Breed Sex Owner\Handler
1BossBrittanyMRonnie Pike
1Bye Dog
2Diamond JimEnglish PointerMTom Krause
2StormyGSPMDoug Hardesty
3AliceGSPFKeith Lindsay
3RandolfGSPMRoy Marshall
4BrownieEnglish SetterMShane Bevel
4JettPointerFTaylor Woods
5HossPointerMLarry Moore
5TurboPointerMNick Carson
6SonjaGSPFKeith Lindsay
6ShellyBrittanyFBen Faulkner/Tommy Woods
7GunnyGSPMDoug Hardesty
7LadyPointerFTommy Woods
8SaraWHPGFBob Dorn
8MarleyBrittanyMTom Alexander
9JillBrittanyFTom Krause
9TipPointerMLarry Moore
10PalEnglish SetterMTom Krause
10MaxBrittanyMTom Alexander
11BuddyEnglish SetterMGary Byfield
11BullettBrittanyMDoug Hardesty

Puppy Category

BraceDog’s NameBreedSexOwner\Handler
1ScoutWHPGMStephen Pingry
2RocketGSPMRoy Marshall