October 21, 2017 Gun Dog and Puppy Trial Results

It was a bit windy, overcast, and warm. Not good scenting conditions to start and it got worse. All except for the old dog who was trying to impress. Roscoe, Tom Alexander’s old war horse, who hadn’t run this year giving up starting position to the younger GSP Candy Man, had a point he wanted to make. Don’t count me out boss. And with nearly 100 points over the next closest dog, he made that point on Saturday.  Second place went to Sassy, setter female, handled by RuSean Hardman and third went to Tara, GSP female, handled by Keith Lindsay. Over in the puppy field, first place went to Roxy, GSP female, handled by James Parnell, second went to Minnie, GSP female, handled by Tom Krause and owned by Preston Smith, third belonged to Estell, GSP female, handled by Keith Lindsay. You can see full results here. 
The TBDA would like to thank our judges for the day. Peggy Hardman and Ellison Gilliland did service in the Gun Dog field while over in the puppy field Charlie Hess took the reigns again to judge. Bob Dorn served as the field trial chairman. We also want to thank our sponsor Purina Pro Plan who provides us with food for prizes and give aways. We simply could not put on these trials without the help of those who volunteer to chair events, plant birds, cook lunch and more. They are the lifeblood of this association and so important to us.
How bad were the scenting conditions? A look at the scoreboard attached will show the last 5 dogs to run didn’t score a bird. Not one. And there were a calculated 37 birds left in the field. Pretty unbelievable. Nice day for the humans thought, with a great lunch cooked up by Bill Yuan, and he has the burn marks from the BBQ to prove it. A rules question threatened to put a dampener on things but thanks to smart phone technology we were able to resolve it and move on. Here is hoping for some cooler weather, on our next trial, 11-4-17, and our last chance for some work before the real season begins.