March 31, 2018 Gun Dog and Puppy Stakes Brace Pairings

Gun Dog Stakes

BraceDog’s Name Breed Sex Owner\Handler
1SageBrittanyFChris Atherton
1KateGSPFJosh Gwartney
2WillieBrittanyMMick Gill
2BuddyBrittanyMBill Yuan
3MikeRed SetterMBob Williams
3ShoniBrittanyFBen Faulkner
4CocoPointerFJames Parnell
4JosieGSPFJosh Gwartney
5RoxyGSPFJames Parnell
5Candy ManGSPMTom Aleander
6HossEnglish PointerMLarry Moore
6MooseGSPMJosh Gwartney
7Dapper DanGSPMTom Krause
7ChiefSetterMHardman/ Mick Gill handling
8GunnerBrittanyMRandy Billington
8JoeEnglish PointerMGene Gray
9SisSetterFJames Parnell
9ShellyBrittanyFBen Faulkner
10SaraWH GriffonFBob Dorn
10ChiefBrittanyFBill Yuan
11DrakeGSPMRicky Janssen
11EmmaBrittanyFMick Gill
12HunerBrittanyMKelly Sample
12HozGSPMJosh Gwartney

Puppy Stakes

BraceDog’s NameBreed Sex Owner\Handler
1LivviSetterFJames Parnell
2BellaWH GriffonFBob Dorn
3SassyGSPFCarl Downs
4MiaGSPFJosh Gwartney
5CooperBrittanyMRonnie Pike


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