March 17, 2018 Gun Dog and Puppy Trial Results

A beautiful day after a week of troubling forecasts. The birds from Phillip Ezell flew great, the judges, Ellison Gilliland and Matt Brown, did a great job. Nobody got shot, nobody contested a score, and there was some great dog work to score for a change. Tom Krause’s Dapper Dan was accused of peeking from the blind when the birds were being planted, because he scored 3 birds in about as many minutes to start his brace and his run to the 1st place score. Ben Faulkner’s Shelly turned in another stellar performance which is becoming the norm. James Parnell had little time to brag on Roxy’s 3rd place score, as he was a man on a mission, between him and son Cale they ran four open dogs plus one in the puppy field. Once that gang learns the game, and it’s obvious they are, they will be a force.
The puppy field was busy with 7 entries and some really impressive scores. Bob Dorn thought Bella had pretty much cleared the field in the second brace, with Five birds found, but then Gwartney’s Mia followed in the third with six and it wasn’t hard to see Josh’s smile, even through his beard, when walking off. Impressive. Full results can be seen here. 
Bob Williams said he had a great family recipe for Sloppy Joes, he provided and was proven right as there were no left overs. Donated the cost out of pocket, saving the club money in a short run trial, although he made it tough on the guys running right after lunch rather than them getting in a short nap.
Would like to thank our sponsors, Purina Pro Plan, the judges, and all who helped band and box birds. We lost a few of the escape artists to start the day and it was close, not one extra bird, but we made it after some anxious counting of the moving targets. Only one more trial on March 31 to wrap up what is becoming a memorable spring season. Visit to get signed up.