Trial Results

April 3rd Field Trial Results

April 4, 2021

1st place Gun Dog Sassy with Rusean Hardman Owner and Handler

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Trial Results 3-20-21

March 21, 2021
Gene Gray & Joe

Saturday 3-20-21 was the first day of spring, the equinox, where the day lite hours and night hours are equal. It’s like an alarm clock for the prairie, everything comes out of the winter sleep and stirs to life. This last Saturday did not disappoint, with a clear sky, a nice breeze and, at 34 degrees at 8am, comfortable temps. It did get warmer later in the day and the full water barrels, thanks to Gene and Darrell, were put to good use. Rusean Hardman and Duece had a great run early and said, “OK match that”. Gray and Joe…

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3-6-21 Field Trial Results

March 8, 2021

James Parnell & Sis
1st place Gun Dog

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11-7-20 Trial Results

November 9, 2020
Gene Gray & Joe

Gene Gray & Joe 1st place in Gun Dog

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10-24-20 Trial Results

October 26, 2020

Willy in tall grass finding that bird

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10-10-20 Field Trial Results

October 14, 2020

10-10-20 scoreboard

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Trial Results 3-14-20

March 15, 2020
Rusean Hardman and Sassy after a muddy run to 1st Place

Hardman and Sassy after a muddy run to 1st place.

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2-29-20 Trial Results

March 1, 2020

1st place again for James, this time with Coco.

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November 3, 2019

Cye Rowland Ready to run that Bye Dog

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10-26-19 Trial Result

October 27, 2019

James Parnell & Sis 1st Place

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