Brace Pairings 11-2-19

Gun Dog Trial

1RoxyGSPFemaleBand BirdsJamesParnell
1HunterBrittanyMaleBand BirdsKelly Sample
2MikeRed SetterMaleBand BirdsBobWilliams
2TaraGSPFemalePlant BirdsKeithLindsay
3LivviSetterFemaleBand BirdsJamesParnell
3SassyEnglish SetterFemalePlant BirdsRuSeanHardman
4CoCoPointerFemaleBand BirdsJamesParnell
4BellaWH GriffonFemaleOpen or Close GroundsRobertDorn
5TruperGSPFemaleOpen or Close GroundsTomAlexander
5BellaGSPMaleOpen or Close GroundsDerekDoak
6PtarmiganSetterMaleBand BirdsJahanAbdoveis
6SisSetterFemaleBand BirdsJamesParnell
7DeuceGSPMalePlant BirdsRuSeanHardman
7Bye Dog

Puppy Trial

1Bella DoakGspFemaleOpen or Close Grounds Depending on My Brace PairingDerekDoak
2BoomerGSPMaleBand BirdsTomAlexander
3HachiGSPFemalePlant BirdsGaryForrest

Fun Hunts

1CarlyEnglish Springer SpanielFemaleOpen or Close Grounds Depending on My Brace PairingCharlesHarmon
2Kitt’s Peach to the MaxBoykinFemalePlant BirdsKeithFranklin
3GunnerBrittanyMalePlant BirdsRandy Billington


2019 Gun Dog of the Year

Congratulations to the Tulsa Bird Dog Club’s 2019 Gun Dog of the Year, Sis, Owner/Handler James Parnell. Puppy of the Year, Boomer, Owner/Handler Tom Alexander. Handler of the Year, James Parnell.

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Albert G's Downtown Tulsa

TBDA Meetings

Meetings will be held at 7:00 P.M. on the 4th Tuesday of each month, except for June and July, at Albert G’s BBQ in Downtown Tulsa. Albert G’s BBQ 421 E 1st St Tulsa, OK

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Monthly Meeting Reminder

Our first meeting of 2020 will be Tuesday the 25th at Albert G’s 7pm. It’s awards night for last year, 2019, and planning night for the 2020 trials. Come on out and get some tips from the winners on how they did it, get excited about the trials coming up, as well as enjoy a…

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