2014 Oklahoma Gun Dog Championship Field Trial

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 4.44.56 PMThis year the Tulsa Bird Dog Association is hosting the Oklahoma Gun Dog Championship Field Trial at our trial grounds in Inola, Okla. The championship is a once a year team event that travels between three clubs, two in Missouri and one in Oklahoma. The event is a team-based event and the TBDA teams are made up of top scoring dogs from the six regular season TBDA field trials. There are some exciting dogs this year competing and some stellar handlers to match. All spectators are welcome and the TBDA is always looking for volunteers for the event. If you are interested in either please call one of the TBDA officers.

Saturday will be the team-based trial with 15 braces starting at 8 a.m. sharp! On Sunday the top dogs will run again on an individual basis to determine the Top Dog award. Both events are open to the public. Brace pairings are listed below.

March 8, 2014 Brace Pairs

Open Category, 8:00 A.M., Lunch will be served!

BraceDog’s Name Breed Sex Owner\Handler Team
1*LadyPointerFTaylor WoodsTBDA “A”
1RebaBrittanyFVernon SeamanTRD
2Snips or KGSPMAl ForbesWCBHA
2StickMKent LongHPHC
3GunnyGSPMDoug HardestyTBDA “A”
3HunterBrittanyMKelly SampleTBDA “B”
4AriesMBrian AhernHPHC
4LillyPointerFJim AndersonTBDA “B”
5BuddyBrittanyMBill YuanTRD
5KateEnglish SetterFDavid KennedyWCBHA
6PrinceMJerry BerryHPHC
6SonjaGSPFKeith LindsayTBDA “A”
7SaraWHGFBob DormTBDA “B”
7Country GirlBrittanyFGary ThomasWCBHA
8*GretchenGSPFChris JonesTRD
8AcePointerMMatt YoungHPHC
9BuddyEnglish SetterMGary ByfieldTBDA “A”
9LenniePointerMGary HangerWCBHA
10AceEnglish SetterMTom AlexanderTBDA “B”
10CashEnglish SetterMBob YorkTRD
11RexGSPMDan DismangHPHC
11SueLlewellyn SetterFJeff LettingtonWCBHA
12KatieGSPFJeff JonesTRD
12PalEnglish SetterMTom KrauseTBDA “B”
13BusterGSPMRoy BrameWCBHA
13*ElleBrittanyFAaron McCoyTBDA “A”
14Brutus M
  1. E. Allen
14RandolfGSPMRoy MarshallTRD
15HossPointerMLarry MooreTBDA “B”
15ShellyBrittanyFBen FaulknerTBDA “A”
  • Subject to change or replacement

TBDA “A” = Tulsa Bird Dog Association “A” Team

WCBHA = Webster County Bird Hunters Association Team

TBDA “B” = Tulsa Bird Dog Association “B” Team

HPHC = High Praire Hung Club Team

TRD = Tulsa Road Dogs Team



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