2-29-20 Trial Results

James Parnell and Coco took 1st place
Gene Gray and his bird finding machine Joe, took 2nd place
Tom Krause and 2019 DOY Dapper Dan took 3rd
Excuse the quality it was dark when we finished

It was a great day all around, weather, dogs, friends old and new. The first braces had cool temps but not much of a breeze. Rusean Hardman and his GSP Deuce, yup Hardman and GSP, who would have thought, turned in a respectable 144 in the first brace. Things settled in with the temps going up and the wind drying things out. James Parnell and Coco took advantage of a build up of birds and posted a 215, that’s 5 birds pointed, 5 kills, and 5 retrieves, with no safeties. Great work by handler and dog. Gene Gray and his veteran pointer Joe came in with a 176, 4 finds, along with two others. But Joe got his first bird in a hurry, 55 seconds after being turned lose. That proved the winning edge over Tom Krause and Mick Gill, who both posted 176’s but with the first bird coming a couple minutes later. Check out the scoreboard to see how close.

Linda Dorn’s lunch was certainly enjoyed by all. She really made points with the judges, who worked through lunch, when she made them a plate up early and saved it for them. Working through lunch proved the difference in getting all the braces finished before dark. A big thank you for everyone being flexable and going with the flow. Also big shout out to Pat Rowland for filling and running boxed birds to the planters, it saved us a bunch of time between braces.

The puppy field was kind of jinxed, with several pretty steady pups going hair wire and running off the field for extended periods, not retrieving, heck a couple not even looking for the downed bird. There were several owners who said, huh, he has never done that before. Ha. Puppies, you just never know what you are going to get. New member Steve May took 1st by a whisker, or one point, despite spending some time on the other side of the fence. Another new member, John Gray, took second with a 111 while having old pro Jack Morriss handling Hazel for him. Good thing there was a point difference as both dogs found their first bird at 2:10, pretty unusual tie. Danny Herndon and Rocky came in third, despite a couple of dashes to the open field. I’ll blame the new fence our neighbor put in with the cleared area beyond allowing the pups to see birds walking around in the brush piles. The fence is a solid one for sure, just ask Larry Wykoff, who had to climb it twice. Impressive, both the fence and Larry.

I’d also like to thank the Ohler family, the owners of our lease, for their many years of support, and Purina Dog Foods for their sponsorship of Pro Plan Dog Food for our winners. You guys who ran puppies need to see me next trial, to pick up your sample bags of Pro Plan, so you can get them started right.

Next trial is 3-14-20. Register early .