11-7-20 Trial Results

Gene Gray & Joe 1st place Gun Dog
2nd James Parnell & Livvi
3nd place open Deuce
Scoreboard 11-7-20

It was a beautiful morning Saturday, with the ground fog laying like a blanket in the low places, the temp in the high 40’s, and the sun bathing everything in a fall’s golden light.

Gene Grays’ Joe made his handler work for their 1st place as his finds always seemed to be at 150 yards or more. He settled down before Gene had to put his hands on his knees but the first 15 minutes were fast paced. The birds were flying well, after they once got up out of the wet grass, and although they seemed to want to fly at the judges, thanks to the great gun safety of our members nobody got peppered.

James Parnell was in a tee shirt when his turn came but Livvi hunted like a pro, water barrel to water barrel, but never slowing down.

Rusean Hardman and Deuce beat out his kennel mate Sassy with three fulls to her two to take home 3rd and bragging rights.

Ben Faulkner and Shoni got 4th and it was great to see her out there working the wind after breaking her leg earlier this year. A real testament to impressive medical expertise and her big heart.

Bob Williams and Mike’s hard work paid off with 5th. That red setter is a joy to watch and he has really learned how he needs to hunt with Bob in a Side by Side.

Glenn Almy and Hoss took 6th and would have been a lot higher if that big ole Pointer didn’t love to run so much. When he finally settled down he found all his birds in the last 10 minutes. That dog really has a fire in his belly.

Rusean Hardman took 1st in puppy class with Ruby, which got her enough points to be Puppy of the Year. I have included the point totals for the year in a table below for your perusal. Doesn’t take much inspection to see Mr. Hardman’s hard work really paid off with a Dog of the Year, Sassy, Puppy of the year Ruby, and by winning in both fields consistently, taking Handler of the Year was no contest really. Congratulation from all of us.

That wraps up our club activities for the year, a year that will go in the record books that’s for sure. But during these trying times the one thing we can count on with our hobby, our sport, is our dogs. They don’t care about politics, they don’t care about the pandemic, they don’t care about how much money you have or don’t have, they just want to find birds and please us. So have fun out there this hunting season and find some birds.

Dog of the Year, Puppy of the Year, Handler of the Year points for 2020
HANDLERDOG NAME2/29/20203/14/20203/28/202010/10/202010/24/202011/7/2020
James ParnellCoco64Cancelled10
Gene GrayJoe55616
Tom KrauseDan415
Mick GillWilly33
Rusean HardmanDeuce235414
Tom AlexanderBoomer11
Rusean HardmanSassy66618Dog of the Year
Derrick DoakeBella22
James ParnellLivvi459
Tom AlexanderTrouper33
James ParnellSis235
Matt AllenTank11
Dewayne LangleyFern55
Tommy LeeRocky44
Brandon WardRemy22
Tommy LeeScout11
Ben FaulknerShoni33
Bob WilliamsMike22
Glenn AlmyHoss11
Steve MaySusu3Cancelled3
John GrayHazel22
Danny HerndonRocky11
Tommy LeeSimba33
Tom AlexanderSue22
Mick GillWonder Woman11
Rusean HardmanRuby336Puppy of the Year
Rusean HardmanChamp223
Rusaen HardmanGunner123
Tom KrauseKC33
Mical Trzcinski11
James Parnell64Cancelled63524
Gene Gray55616
Tom Krause41
Mick Gill315
Rusean Hardman29176337Handler of the Year
Tom Alexander1236
Steve May33
John Gray22
Danny Herndon11
Tommy Lee358
Derrick Doake22
Matt Allen11
Dewayne Langley55
Brandon Ward22
Ben Faulkner33
Bob Williams22
Glenn Almy11