11-2-19 Trial Results

Parnell and Sis 1st Place Gun Dog
Rusean Hardman & Deuce

The last trial of 2019 was perfect weather wise, cool and sunny. Most of the dogs found the bird finding a little tough but the handlers enjoyed not being wet for a change.

James Parnell and his little setter Sis put on a show when it was their turn, finding and getting full scores on 3 birds in under 9 minutes, then they took their time and added 2 more for the winning score. It was impressive and it was like she knew the championship was on the line and wasn’t going to be denied. She wasn’t and will look good wearing the crown as the Dog of the Year.

Tim Alexander & Boomer

Tom and Boomer wrapped up Puppy of the Year by taking their 4th 1st place out of 6 trials run, dominating to say the least. Will look forward to seeing this guy in the big field next year.

Cye Rowland

Cye noticed that we had a Bye Dog listed in the last brace and came to the grounds with his dog, Jet, and all geared up and ready to go. We didn’t need his services but it turned out to be a good day for him none the less. A Mr. Larry Akers, not a member but a life long upland game hunter from Tulsa, brought out his old dog trailer after we had a chat on the phone. Larry is a senior hunter and is now down to one dog who gets to ride up front with the boss. He doesn’t see anymore dogs in the future and wanted to pay forward a dog and hunt trailer that he has owned and loved for the last 40 years. It doesn’t have an odometer but he says it would be impressive including as far north as Canada and as far south as you can go and west every season. He didn’t want any money for it, just wanted it to go to a young guy who, he hoped, would enjoy it as much as he did. Cye was standing in the club house listening and James Parnell said Cye only has one dog now but will be getting a puppy of mine soon. Cye said he didn’t have a trailer hitch with him and Larry commented that he wouldn’t need it so the trailer comes with a hitch, let’s go take a look. Last I saw Cye was pulling it home at the end of the day. Looked good behind his truck and I hope Larry feels good about paying it forward.