10-26-19 Brace Pairings Gun Dog

1CocoPointerFemaleGun DogJames Parnell
1SturgillEPMaleGun DogBeau Shaw
2TaraGSPFemaleGun DogKeith Lindsay
2DottieBrittanyFemaleGun DogBenjamin Faulkner
3SassyEnglish SetterFemaleGun DogRuSean Hardman
3LakotaGspMaleGun DogDoug Hardesty
4ShellyBrittanyFemaleGun DogBenjamin Faulkner
4MinniGSPFemaleGun DogTom Krause
5ShoniBrittanyFemaleGBen Faulkner
5SisSetterFemaleGun DogJames Parnell
6LivviSetterFemaleGun DogJames Parnell
6ChiefEnglish SetterMaleGun DogRuSean Hardman
7CopperBrittanyMaleGun DogRonnie Pike
7HannaGSPFemaleGundDoug Hardesty
8RoxyGSPFemaleGun DogJames Parnell
8BellaWH GriffonFemaleGun DogRobert Dorn
9GustovGSPMaleGun DogGary Forrest
9CaliGspFemaleGun DogDoug Hardesty
10MikeRed SetterMaleGun DogBob Williams
10TruperGSPMaleGun DogTom Alexander

10-26-19 Puppy Braces

1MiloGSPMalePuppyScott Foster
2BlueEnglish SetterMalePuppyEbony Hardman
3BoomerGSPMalePuppyTom Alexander
4HachiGSPFemalePuppyGary Forrest
5JagerGSPMalePuppyDavid Harvey
6Bella DoakGSPFemalePuppyDerek Doak
7DeuceGSPMalePuppyRuSean Hardman
8CJEnglish SetterMalePuppyRuSean Hardman
9WhiteyEPFemalePuppyMatt Allen

Gun Dogs start a 8 am sharp

Puppies start about 8:30am

Fun Hunts start whenever they want, to be decided between participants. They are fun hunts after all.


2019 Gun Dog of the Year

Congratulations to the Tulsa Bird Dog Club’s 2019 Gun Dog of the Year, Sis, Owner/Handler James Parnell. Puppy of the Year, Boomer, Owner/Handler Tom Alexander. Handler of the Year, James Parnell.

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TBDA Meetings

Meetings will be held at 7:00 P.M. on the 4th Tuesday of each month, except for June and July, at the Bass Pro Shop in Broken Arrow.

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Monthly Meeting Reminder

Our March 24th meeting at Bass Pro has been cancelled due to concern about the coronavirus. With the older population, health compromised with heart conditions, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc., being in the most danger, it seems a reasonable move. And it will save us all from taking grief from the wife if we went. See you soon. Bob Dorn

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