10-20-18 TBDA Field Trials

Early and late, short and long, first and last. The last trial, several of us were running late to start and it resulted in a frustrating day that ran long. Saturday we were early, and with Phillip Ezell delivering the birds for us, we started on time and even finished early. Last trial Kelly Sample won 1st with Josh Gwartney, who ran last getting real close. This trial Rusean Hardman was in the first brace and Chief was his usual steady self and they posted a score that lasted, you guessed it, till the last brace when James Parnell’s Coco did him proud, with five fulls and a score of 215. I told everyone earlier that the Parnell’s were going to be formidable once they learned the game, well James’s pup Livvi took 1st last week and came in 2nd this week, add that to Coco’s 1st place Saturday and it was a good day for the Parnell crew.
Rusean’s early score held onto 2nd place with Doug Hardesty’s Bullet finishing 3rd. Dean Lenard’s Sue, with Gene Gray handling her for him came in 4th, Bob Dorn and Sara 5th, while Gene Gray and Joe took 6th.
The puppy scores were pretty impressive with Carl Downs and Sassy scoring another first, Livvi second and new member Matt Allen and his GSP pup Ivy nailing down third. Out of 6 puppies, two found four birds, three found 3 birds, and new member Gary Forrest and Gus got in on the action as well, even though they were the last one to run in the puppy field, always tough I feel for a young dog with all the feather scent around, combine that with it being the first time on live birds for both dog and handler it will be enjoyable to watch this team grow.  This is going to be a tough crowd in the open field next year.
Thanks as always to our Judges, Ellison Gilliland, Carl Brown, with Charlie Hess in the puppy field. Ben Faulkner provided lunch and made it tough on those who ran right after. Purina came through with their great support allowing our winners to take home a bag of Pro Plan, getting to be the go to product for most of us owners. One more trial on 11-3 and I’ll be posting totals to date for DOY and POY shortly.