10-10-20 Field Trial Results

It was quite a day for the Hardman team on both the open and the puppy field. Unprecedented really. Rusean was running 3 puppies in a field of 6 on Saturday. They are good dogs and these are not the first birds they have encountered, but taking 1st, 2nd, and 3rd., that’s pretty darn good.

Then in the open field Sassy is working hard, has two birds pointed solid with immediate no nonsense retrieves. Then on the third find, point, and retrieve she hesitates on the way back and strikes a point, bird in her mouth. Ok what do I do, Rusean asks? Work the bird. He moves into the flush and shoots the bird, Sassy deposits the bird in her mouth at his hand, and retrieves the second. A two for one, or a twofer. As I said, unprecedented. Oh, she also had a no question back, to outpoint her kennel mate Deuce. Yup Rusean won the hat, actually two hats, but doubt you will ever see the 2nd place hat. James Parnell and Livvi took third, with Tom Alexander and Trouper fourth, Parnell and Sis fifth, and Matt Allen and Tank at sixth.

The 10-10-20 Scoreboard

The day started off with heavy fog, was hard staying on the road on the way in. We put off the start till 8:30 hoping it would clear but no luck. On the first brace when the judge called time, after the dog and handler had been working a running bird, both looked around and wondered which way to go back to the blind. A little running around on the ATV to find a boundary pole got them going in the right direction. Yes it was that foggy.

Once the sun burned through it started to heat up and dry off and shortly, without a breeze, the bird finding got a lot harder. Things kept going that way till after lunch when dogs were hunting water barrel to water barrel. Equipment seems to be feeling the effects of a summer off as well, as the two club vehicles went down as did Bob Dorn’s quad. Luckily Gene Gray brought out his quad and Tom Krause’s and Ben Faulkner’s gear helped fill in.

The take out lunch of Chicken Tenders from Harp’s worked, thanks to Larry Naas playing delivery man. Many thanks to Carl Brown and Bob Dorn for putting in a long day, no one got shot, thanks to the gun safety awareness of our members, and their were no disputed scores. Great Day all around.

Thanks also to the Oler Family for the use of these beautiful prairie field and the Purina Company for their sponsorship and donation of the winners bags of dog food. Hope everyone enjoyed the brace winners prize of a commemorative collar, more of that stuff to come.

Next up 10-24-20, registration is open but already half full so don’t delay.