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Joining Tulsa Bird Dog Association represents the best value for your dollar in upland hunting and dog training. Literally, you can’t spend better money than the $40 annual dues to join TBDA. Yup, that’s right. Just $40 a year. Let that sink in and then read about what you get for your money here . . .

2019 Gun Dog of the Year

Congratulations to the Tulsa Bird Dog Club’s 2019 Gun Dog of the Year, Sis, Owner/Handler James Parnell. Puppy of the Year, Boomer, Owner/Handler Tom Alexander. Handler of the Year, James Parnell.

TBDA Meetings

Meetings, due to covid 19 restrictions, have been placed on hold. We are hoping 2021 will be a better year and will update as soon as possible.


First Spring Field Trial Postponed

Due to the weather being very unspring like, our first trial has been postponed and shifted to the end of the season. Spring trial #1 will now be held on April 3rd. If you had already registered please reregister for this new date.

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11-7-20 Trial Results

Gene Gray & Joe 1st place in Gun Dog

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November 7th Brace Pairings

11-7-20 Brace Pairings

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10-24-20 Trial Results

Willy in tall grass finding that bird

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Brace Pairings 10-24-20 Trial

Brace Pairings 10-24-20

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10-10-20 Field Trial Results

10-10-20 scoreboard

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Field Trial 10-10-20

Dog’s Name Breed Gender First  Last  1 reba English setter Female beau shaw 1 Truper GSP Male Tom Alexander 2 BooYah Brittany Male Mick Gill 2 Tank English Pointer Male Matt Allen 3 Gustov GSP Male Gary Forrest 3 Joe Pointer Male Gene Gray 4 Sassy English Setter Female RuSean Hardman 4 Sis Setter Female James Parnell 5 Dottie Brittany Female Ben Faulkner 5 Remy WH Griffon Male Brandon Ward 6 Coco Pointer Female James Parnell 6 Dufus Pointer Male Gene Gray 7 Tara GSP Female Keith Lindsay 7 Willy Brittany Male Mick Gill 8 Deuce GSP Male RuSean Hardman 8 Estell GSP Female Keith Lindsay 9 Bella GSP Female Derek Doak 9 max american Male james ogle 10 Livvi Setter Female James Parnell 10 Mike Red Setter Male Bob Williams 11 Ann Wirehair Female Doug Cross 11 hoss -pointer Male Glenn Almy 12 Archie English Pointer Male Jimmie Anderson 12 Ivy GSP Female Matt Allen Puppies Brace Dog’s Name Breed Gender First  Last  1 Champ English Setter Male RuSean Hardman 2 Cooper Brittany Male Noe Gutierrez Jr 3 Gunner English Setter Male RuSean Hardman 4 Jade GSP Female Micah Atherton 5 Ruby GSP Female RuSean Hardman 6 Sue English Setter Female Tom Alexander Fun Hunts Dog’s Name Breed Gender First Last  1 Dufus Pointer Male Gene Gray 2 Kitt’s Peach to the Max Boykin Female Keith Franklin

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Current Issue: Covey Rise

Check out the most recent edition of Covey Rise. Download a copy.

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Summer Schedule

Due to restrictions as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic we had to suspend our spring trials and meetings. We would hope our next scheduled meeting, August 25th, will happen as planned. The grounds will be closed starting June 1st, so the hay baler can work uninterrupted. A new gate code will be distributed to members in August once they are done. We will reach out this fall with the trials schedule and are excited to have things get back to normal.

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Virus Cancellations

This fun looking character making life no fun.

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